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Our quartz powder is over 99.3% crystalline and has low ionic impurities and low alpha ray emissions. Quartz powder offers a wide range of optical, mechanical and thermal properties. It is available in both standard and custom particle size distributions.

SiO2 >99.3%


Applications: Electronics, Semiconductor, Quartz ware, Refractories

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High purity quartz powder (99.3% crystalline)

Appearance: white powder

Low ionic impurities and low alpha ray emissions

Consistent chemistry and carefully controlled particle size distribution

A Reliable Product

Dinglong quartz powders are flours used in electronics, quartz ware, refractory and other special applications. Due to quartz powder’s high purity, excellent chemical stability and carefully controlled particle size distribution, it is highly demanded in different industries.

Used and Trusted across Industries

Dinglong quartz powders are 99.3% crystalline. At 99.3% purity, these quartz powders have low ionic impurities, low alpha ray emissions and consistent chemistry. Our quartz powders are used and trusted by our customers at home and abroad because our manufacturing processes are optimized for reliability and conformity, helping ensure reliable and repeatable product performance and resulting in a quartz powder product that is 99.3% pure. Therefore, our customers are able to build trust and friendship with us and rely on our products.

Custom Designed for Your Application

Dinglong is capable of producing quartz powders with several different particle size distribution by utilizing several ball mills on site. It allows the flexibility to produce material with a broad range of particle size distributions. Dinglong silica powders are available in 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg) tote sacks.

About Dinglong Quartz Materials

These silica powders are manufactured at certified facility in Lianyungang, China. Through 30 years of establishment, Dinglong has acquired strong mechanical and technical support and accumulated tremendous experiences for producing fine quartz materials. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for conformity and reliability — helping ensure reliable product quality and value. We believe reliable products can help us obtain leadership sales and build trust and friendship with our customers.

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