Fused Silica Lump

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Fused silica is high purity quartz sand that has been melted to form glass using fusion technology. Our fused silica is an extremely insulative material with very low thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity and high thermal shock resistance.

Grade A (SiO2>99.98%)

Grade B (SiO2>99.95%)

Grade C (SiO2>99.90%)

Grade D (SiO2>99.5%)


Applications: Refractories, Electronics, Foundry

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High purity and softening temperature

High electrical resistivity and low thermal conductivity

High transparency from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral range

Making of Fused Silica: Electric Fusion

Dinglong has been producing fused silica on an industrial scale with the electric fusion melting process. More specifically, Dinglong uses the batch fusion method of electric fusion. In the batch fusion method, a large quantity of raw material is placed inside a refractory lined vacuum chamber which also contains heating elements. Although this method has historically been used to produce large single boules of material, it can also be adapted to produce much smaller, near-net shapes.

Processing of Fused Silica: Mechanical Processing

Due to its hardness, fused silica requires diamond tools to process it mechanically. Because it is fragile, there is a limit to the force it can withstand before cracking and resulting from that the feed speed during processing needs to be chosen carefully.

About Dinglong Quartz Materials

These fused silica materials are manufactured at certified facility in Lianyungang, China. Through 30 years of establishment, Dinglong has acquired strong mechanical and technical support and accumulated tremendous experiences for producing fine quartz materials. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for conformity and reliability — helping ensure reliable product quality and value. We believe reliable products can help us obtain leadership sales and build trust and friendship with our customers.

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