Fused Silica Grain Refractory Materials

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Fused silica grain’s cross-linked 3D structure delivers exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV transparency and near-zero thermal expansion, which make it a very useful and versatile refractory material.

Grade A (SiO2>99.98%)

Grade B (SiO2>99.95%)

Grade C (SiO2>99.90%)

Grade D (SiO2>99.5%)


Applications: Refractories, Electronics, Foundry

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High purity fused silica (99.98% amorphous)

Exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV transparency and near-zero thermal expansion

Available in both standard and custom particle size distributions

Fused Silica Grain as Refractory Materials

Our fused silica grain has different applications as refractory materials due to its ability to withstand continuous exposure to the combination of heat, corrosion, abrasion and impact. Choosing the proper refractory material for an application is critical because poor quality materials can lead to excessive maintenance and equipment failure – resulting in recurring downtime, lost production and erosion of profits.

Used and Trusted across Industries

Dinglong fused silica sands are engineered grains made from high purity silica, using electric fusion melting process to ensure the highest quality. At 99.98% purity, our fused silica grain is inert, has excellent chemical stability and has extremely low electrical conductivity. Our fused silica grains are used and trusted across industries at home and abroad because we attach great importance to the reliability and consistency of our products and to build strategic partnership and friendship with our customers.

Custom Designed for Your Application

Dinglong fused silica grains are available in a variety of standard particle sizes and can also be customized to your specifications. We invite inquiries for special grain size specifications. Dinglong fused silica grains are available in 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg) tote sacks.

About Dinglong Quartz Materials

These fused silica refractory materials are manufactured at certified facility in Lianyungang, China. Through 30 years of establishment, Dinglong has acquired strong mechanical and technical support and accumulated tremendous experiences for producing fine quartz materials. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for conformity and reliability — helping ensure reliable product quality and value. We believe reliable products can help us obtain leadership sales and build trust and friendship with our customers.

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